Saturday, July 04, 2015

Speckled Wood

I went on my second SBRS meeting of the year today and had intended to post something from our perambulation across the Landport and Offham meadows. However, the first thing I noticed on my return was this Speckled Wood,  Parage aegeria, fluttering about in the kitchen. So I thought I would offer it as a fourth lepidopteran in the mini-series.
They are lovely butterflies, usually encountered in the dappled shade of woodland rides. We've had them in the garden practically every year since we moved here in 2005. 
Their most notable claim to fame is that they are the only UK butterfly that can over-winter as either a caterpillar or a chrysalis. 
Apologies for the rubbish photos. There are plenty of excellent ones on the interweb. Bob Eade's blog also has loads of spectacular photos.
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