Monday, February 23, 2015


I couldn't help include our other 'pets' - their lives very much tangled up with ours and the local foxes. So here is the domestic chicken, Gallus gallus ssp domesticus. 
There was a grey one until Sunday. She was the master of escapology and this was her undoing. Chicken-keeping is subject to fox predation in most areas, no matter how many precautions one takes.
We have had a good run - two years without trouble - but now it's time to tighten security. It's a shame for our chooks as it means more time in the restricted safe-zone as we'll only really be able to let them out when were are in the garden. But when I go half-time at work this will be a great deal more than at present, so they'll just have to wait until the summer.
Chickens have been bred from the red junglefowl, Gallus gallus, a native of Asia. This is thought to have occurred at least 5000 years ago and they spread rapidly throughout the world in pre-historic times. Who says globalization is a modern phenomenon?
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