Sunday, February 22, 2015

Common Field Speedwell

Yesterday's species (I know, getting a bit sloppy on the daily posting) is this speedwell. I found it flowering back on 10th February and have been meaning to put it in.
Speedwells, or Veronica, are the largest genus in the Plantaginaceae family (they used to be in the Scrophulariaceae) with around 500 species. There are 26 listed in Stace (see useful books) and I find even the common ones not that easy to tell apart without a hand lens.
This is Common Speedwell, or Veronica persica. I had posted it as Grey Field Speedwell but on reviewing it I think it's Common Field Speedwell. The reasons being that the flower stalks are much longer than the leaves and there are no glandular hairs on the capsule.

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