Sunday, October 18, 2015


And there was I thinking I'd posted something yesterday. Wrong! I think I got distracted after I put my back out in the process of unblocking one of our most important drains: the one that takes the waste water from the washing machine. (We had developed a grey-water spring that appeared in the flowerbed outside the back door every time we used the washing machine over the last week.) A judicious cocktail of drugs and the diversion of Keef's 50th birthday bash conspired to make me forget the blog.
Anyhow, a short but scenic autumnal stroll with Abbey and Molly along the Downs to Itford Hill from Beddingham Hill threw up a number of interesting species.This, Selfheal or Prunella vulgaris, I thought I'd already posted, but apparently not. So here it is. 
It's a member of the Dead-nettle family, Lamiaceae. 

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