Friday, June 12, 2015

Common Lizard


Got home from work after midnight so no post yesterday. Two today to make up the numbers. 
Luckily a perfectly timed stroll, meteorologically speaking, from the top of Devil's Dyke down to the Shepherd and Dog in Fulking provided plenty of subject matter.
Ian spotted this fine beastie trying to look inconspicuous in the short chalk grassland. I was able to get much closer than expected before he (or she?) made a dash for it.
Apparently now re-assigned to its own genus, Zootoca vivipara is the only reptile native to Ireland. They can live up to 11 years and only mature sexually at 2 or 3. 
Having sleuthed around I think this is a female; the males tend to be darker. Note how long the tail is: much longer than the body.
This is the first reptile on the blog! 
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