Thursday, June 04, 2015

Broad-bodied Chaser

This is a female broad-bodied chaser, Libellula depressa. In fact it's two broad bodied chasers, the lower right one having been photographed a few weeks ago. They are one of the first dragonflies to emerge and also one of the commonest (unless you're in Scotland). They tend to hang vertically down from tall vegetation and make short flights every 20 - 90 seconds, so I was surprised to find the one in the top left photo sitting in the short grass. It looked to me as though it may have been injured: you can see in the top right that the left forewing is askew. The males have powder blue abdomens with yellow spots along the margins.
Dragonflies and damselflies are members of the order Odonata. They spend most of their lives as nymphs in water. Our pond is teaming with them and they are best seen at night with a powerful torch.

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