Friday, May 08, 2015



Almost too depressed to post today. This is Bugle, Ajuga reptans, part of the the Dead-nettle family, Lamiaceae. It's a bit cocky, sticking up above the surrounding sward.
I came across it during my Breeding Bird Survey on Thursday. It is of great importance to our lepidopteran friends: Bugle is a primary nectar source of the Pearl-bordered Fritillary and the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. It is a secondary nectar source of the Brimstone, Chequered Skipper, Common Blue, Cryptic Wood White, Dingy Skipper, Duke of Burgundy, Green-veined White, Grizzled Skipper, Heath Fritillary, Holly Blue, Large Blue, Large Skipper, Large White, Marsh Fritillary, Orange-tip, Painted Lady, Small White and Wood White butterflies. (Wikipedia)
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