Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ribwort Plantain


I don't know what happened yesterday! I had plenty of time and managed to fill it with gardening, cooking and socialising until waking this morning and realising I didn't post the blog.
It was a glorious day and I spotted a number of plants in the garden as yet unblogged. This caught my eye. There isn't loads of it in the garden but there is loads of it in the world. I think it's Europe's commonest plant (most widespread or numerous - not sure). Plantago lanceolata or ribwort plantain. We used to play 'conkers' with it when I was a kid, seeking out the stoutest specimens with the largest inflorescences. In paleobotany, the presence of its pollen suggests open, grazed areas of land. It appears in northern Europe during the neolithic period.  

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