Monday, May 04, 2015

Possibly prostrate Broom

I thought I'd published this yesterday but obviously it didn't work for some reason.
This is Broom growing on the shingle inland at Dungeness. It you read the information boards and websites relating to the area they'll tell you that the rare "prostrate broom" grows there. The reality is somewhat more complex. Broom is Cytisus scoparius ssp scoparius and prostrate broom is C. scoparius ssp maritimus. The latter is restricted to a few cliffs in the Channel Islands and south west England and Wales. The Dungeness population resembles it (phenotypically) but is on a quite different habitat. Stace states that the Dungeness population does not 'grow true' from seed in cultivation and other studies suggest it is different to the 'classical' subspecies maritimus
Opinions on a postcard please!
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